Review of road signage in Longford to be carried out

Funding is to be ringfenced specifically for a full review of road signage in place around county Longford for the first time.

The move emerged at a recent meeting of Longford County Council.

A review of signage around county Longford would see all road signs cleaned, maintained and/or replaced if needs be.

This move follows a call from Ballinalee Fine Gael Cllr Colin Dalton for something to be done about signage due to the fact that it is being abused “up and down the county”.

Speaking at a recent meeting of Longford County Council, Cllr Dalton said it was unfair to elderly people and tourists who may depend on physical road signage, as opposed to satellite navigation systems.

There was cross party agreement with the suggestion, with Fianna Fail Cllr Seamus Butler pointing to a swastika which has emerged as graffiti on a bin in the Mall Complex in Longford town.

He called for the council to prioritise removal of this “burgeoning kind of right wing stuff” as a matter of urgency.

Director of Services John Brannigan told the members that traditionally signs would only be looked at when a road was being worked on or improved.

He said they would have to vote to ringfence a sum for the project from the roads budget at the upcoming annual Budget meeting which would mean less money would be available for other roads projects.

The members supported the call.