Six allegations of abuse at older peoples centres in Leitrim so far this year

A total of 18 allegations of abuse have been made to HIQA about “designated centres for older people” in the Shannonside Northern Sound region so far this year.

Documents released under Freedom of Information reveal that a total of six allegations were made about premises in Leitrim so far this year, and seven concerning alleged abuses in centres in Monaghan.

Complaints made to HIQA concerning incidents of alleged abuse in centres for older people, which also includes nursing homes, reference allegations of physical, sexual, psychological, verbal as well as financial abuse and violation of personal integrity abuse.

According to figures for 2019, 12 allegations of abuse were made about centres in Leitrim with nine concerning physical abuse.

One complaint of verbal, sexual and financial or material abuse was also reported in Leitrim last year.

A dozen complaints of abuse also made about centres in Monaghan in 2019, including seven physical abuse allegations as well as at least one incident of sexual, verbal and psychological complaints made to HIQA.

10 abuse allegation were made about premises in Cavan while nine complaints referred to Roscommon centres – where allegations included seven physical and the remainder verbal abuse.

Longford has the fewest complaints last year – with six recorded allegations of abuse referring to neglect, physical abuse as well as violation of personal integrity.

Between January and June of this year, a total of 18 complaints were made to HIQA about centres for older people – including six in Leitrim and seven in Monaghan with the fewer than six each in Cavan, Longford and Roscommon.