South Roscommon support group humbled by response

A new community support group in Dysart in south Roscommon says it’s humbled by the support for it has received for a local family.

The ‘Noah and Rowan Benson Gately Support Group’ was officially launched on Sunday to support the brothers who are aged six and four and their family, following their diagnosis of Duchenne Muscluar Dystrpphy.

DMD only affects boys, it causes a premature deterioration of physical abilities, there is no cure and it is life limiting.

A Go Fund me page has been set up with many fundraisers being planned to support the family.

Aidan Thompson, Chairperson of the support group says while it’s a devastating situation to be dealing with, the family are strengthened by the support they’ve received so far.

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Noah and Rowan Benson Gately Support Group



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