Ex-Bord na Mona workers want clarity on how company will fill roles for bog rehab projects

Workers laid off by Bord na Mona at Mount Dillion are calling on the company to clarify its plans for filling positions for the bogs rehabilitation programme.

Five million euro was set aside for a re-wetting or rehabilitation programme as part of the Just Transition which was due to involve 70 workers whose jobs were lost as a result of the ending of peat extractions.

However, workers who were made redundant, or in the process of being made redundant, seasonal workers laid off at the time of the pandemic and those who were hoping for retraining for the new initiatives have received no communication about the company’s plans.

It’s understood that as of June, the rehabilitation plan was being finalised by the Department of Communication, Energy and Natural Resources but workers say that more and more people are being let go each month with no prospects for a new role.

These workers say it’s not what they were promised.

A former worker at Mount Dillon, John Tynan was made redundant after up to 40 years with the company, he knows he will not be returning but says it looks like the company will cut ites with all former employees and bring in contract workers for rehabilitation.