Dolan stands over his Sunday Game comments

The former Westmeath inter county footballer, Dessie Dolan is standing over the comments he made last weekend about how Pat Spillane handled the Diarmuid Connolly ban.

The Garycastle clubman was critical of Spillane for his comments about Diarmuid Connolly after the Kerry native anticipated that Dublin player would receive a retrospective 12-week ban for pushing linesman Ciaran Brannigan during Dublin’s Leinster Senior Football Quarter-final victory over Carlow.  The GAA’s CCCC subsequently imposed the ban a few days later.

Dolan has revisited the issue again in media circles and added “It was my opinion. Do I think my opinion has changed from Sunday night? I don’t to be honest. I think it was fairly well-rehearsed – what Pat had to say. When he was quoting the rules and stuff like that, that raised my suspicions – that was all,” Dolan told reporters at the unveiling of Ericsson as the GAA’s new technology partner as well as the new sponsor of the stadium’s Skyline facility in Croke Park yesterday.


Dolan who was honoured with a Leinster GAA Hall of Fame award last weekend at the Leinster semi-final between Dublin and Westmeath, is in no doubt the CCCC is influenced by TV coverage of controversial incidents, expressed the hope that Dublin manager Jim Gavin would rethink his decision to refuse one-to-one interviews with the broadcast media.

“Think he had an issue with Sky too, didn’t he? Everybody needs Jim Gavin doing interviews; we need the players. I just hope there is a resolution to this quickly. Maybe there is negotiation going on to resolve it because generally, there is a good relationship between RTÉ, Sky and Dublin. There are no agendas or anything like that,” he added.