Sporting column: The sports stars courage

Whether it would be ‘clash of the ash’ or ‘shoulder to shoulder’ challenges the sports star shows great courage.


The punch drunk boxer faces down a punch.


The rugby prop unyielding as the scrum goes crunch.

The under siege goalkeeper dives for the goal bound shot.

The snooker player steadies for a crucial pot.


The jockey grips the horse tightly at the final jump.

The cricketer lowers the bat to protect the important stump.

The tennis player always searching for an ace.

The tired runner nears the end of the race.


The basketballer leaps with the hoop in sight.

The darts player throws late into the night.

The Rower summons all their strength.

The leading swimmer enters the final length.


The sports star is brave when the pressure is on.

All sport -one mistake and the winning moment is gone.