Roscommon v Leitrim: Championship match tracker

7.03 Full-time Roscommon 0-24 Leitrim 0-10. Roscommon march onto the Connacht final to take on Galway or Sligo while Leitrim are now into the qualifers. Hear Willie Hegarty, Des Newton and Seamus Gallagher reviewing the game live on Shannonside FM

7.01 John McManus hits final point of the game. Roscommon 0-24 Leitrim 0-10

7.00 In injury time Tadhg O’Rourke and Emlyn Mulligan score for Roscommon and Leitrim. Roscommon 0-23 Leitrim 0-10


6.57  Cathal Cregg with two points for Roscommon. Roscommon 0-22 Leitrim 0-09

6.55 Shane Quinn with a point for Leitrim. Roscommon 0-21 Leitrim 0-09

6.53 Diarmuid Murtagh with a point for Roscommon. Roscommon 0-20 Leitrim 0-08

6.47 Cathal Cregg and Damien Moran swap scores. The Leitrim sub with his third point for Leitrim.  Roscommon 0-19 Leitrim 0-08

6.46 Leitrims Damien Moran with a great point. Roscommon 0-18 Leitrim 0-07

6.45 Cathal Cregg and Darragh Rooney score next and its Roscommon 0-17 Leitrim 0-06

6.42 Cathal Compton and Damien Moran swap scores  Roscommon 0-16 Leitrim 0-05

6.40  Ryan O’Rourke with score from range. Roscommon 0-15 Leitrim 0-04. Leitrim with two in a row.

6.36 Sub Darragh Rooney  gets Leitrims first point since the eight minute Roscommon 0-13 Leitrim 0-03

6.34  Niall Kilroy scores from play all 6 forwards have now scored. Roscommon 0-13 Leitrim 0-02

6.32 Darragh Rooney on for Keith Beirne

6.30 Ciarian Murtagh with another point for Roscommon. Roscommon 0-12 Leitrim 0-02

6.28 Donie Smith scores for Roscommon. Roscommon 0-11 Leitrim 0-02

6.26: Conor Devanney got opening score of the half and its Roscomon 0-10 Leitrim 0-02

6.23 second-half on

6.07 Half-time: Roscommon 0-09 Leitrim 0-02. Des Newton says ‘Kevin McStay will be happy with Roscommons first half perfomance’

6.05 Ciarian Murtagh converts a free for Roscommon and its Roscommon 0-09 Leitrim 0-02

6.03 Diarmuid Murtagh with his fifth point and makes it Roscommon 0-08 Leitrim 0-02. Leitrim missed three chances in between Roscommon’s scores as Leitrim have  been back in the contest over the last few minutes.

5.52 Enda Smith with a blistering shot for a goal that was saved by McKiernan and it goes over the bar.. Roscommon 0-07 Leitrim 0-02

5.51 six minutes since last score and Leitrim havent scored in 14 minutes

5.45 Diarmuid Murtagh points for Roscommon. Roscommon 0-06 Leitrim 0-02

5.44 Brian Stack with a great strike..and Roscommon  lead by 0-05 Leitrim 0-02. Des Newton says thats the third left footed point of the game

5.42 Diarmuid Murtagh with his third point of the game. Roscommon 0-04 Leitrim 0-02

5.41 game 11 minutes old and Fintan Cregg scores for Roscommon. Roscommon 0-03 Leitrim 0-02

5.38 Keith Beirne ties up the game with a free and its 0-02 apiece. Des Newton says ‘Leitrim are retaining possesion well’

5.37 After scoring from a free. Diarmuid Murtagh now scores from play Roscommon 0-02 Leitrim 0-01

5.36 Diarmuid Murtagh converts a free for Roscommon and its Roscommon 0-01 Leitrim 0-01

5.34 Jack Heslin with a goal chance for Leitrim. The ’45’ goes wide

5.32 Mohills and Full-forward Keith Beirne wth opening score like he did against New York. After 9 passes..Leitrim 0-01 Roscommon 0-00

5.30 The game is on. Cavan’s Joe McQuillan is the referee

5.27 Seamus Gallagher says ‘its a brilliant atmosphere’.Willie Hegarty says ‘its like christmas eve with the town buzzing’

4.23 Roscommon and Leitrim will do battle in the Connacht Senior football championship semi-final in Pairc Sean at 5.30pm today. Both sides will be heading to the game in confidence after Leitrim saw off New York in the quarter-final and Roscommon claimed the Allianz football league division two title. Brendan Guickian and Kevin McStay named their teams during the week. The match will be live on Shannonside FM with Willie Hegarty, Des Newton and Seamus Gallagher.

The game will be played in front of a big crowd and good sunshine in Carrick on Shannon

Leitrim: Diarmuid McKiernan; Paddy Maguire, Micheál McWeeney, Oisin Madden; James Rooney, Donal Wrynn, Shane Quinn; Mark Plunkett, Dean McGovern; Jack Heslin, Emlyn Mulligan, Ryan O’Rourke; Darragh Rooney, Keith Beirne, Brendan Gallagher.

Roscommon: Colm Lavin; David Murray, Peter Domican, Niall McInerney; John McManus, Brian Stack, Conor Devaney; Cathal Compton, Tadgh O’Rourke; Enda Smith, Niall Kilroy, Fintan Cregg; Donie Smith, Diarmuid Murtagh, Ciaran Murtagh

Elsewhere today, Tipperary and Cork meet in Thurles at 7pm for a place in the Munster decider. Roscommon will aim to reach their 3rd successive provincial final when they play Leitrim at 5:30  The first of the Leinster Football Championships quarter finals takes place at 5 when Westmeath and Laois meet in a midlands derby.

In Ulster,It’s Down against Antrim at 7 in Páirc Esler . The winners will face either Derry or Donegal in the final four.