Longford Town Ready For June 19 Return

Longford Town are all set and ready to return to competitve football on June 19th says chairman Jim Hanley.

The FAI planned to return to competitive football on June 19, though have setup a task force with the national league committee aiming to return to action as soon as possible.

“The FAI announced a number of weeks ago their plan was to try and get back playing league football on the 19th of June” Hanley told Shannonside Sport.

So we started putting our plans in place to get back playing on the 19th of June” added Hanley who revealled this plan is still in place with players due to return to group training on June fifth.

“The players have beeen working on fitness but have done no ball work or contact work” explined Hanley. “So one would hope that with a two week leaad time the fitness will be there it will just be the ball work and the tactic work required.”

Hanley explained Longford Town were fully prepared to return to action on June 19 with the same playing and management staff as had began the season and with the transfer window still planned for July.

“We were informed back in March following guidelines from the HSE in discussions with the FAI, that the FAI were suspending the league” explained Hanley.

“At that point in time we were left with a situation where we had no revenue streams coming in and we had a responsibility to protect the company and the club that is Longford Town football club.”

“At that stage we had to close everything down, that means we have no revenue because there is nothing coming in and the only outgoings is some maintaineance around the ground and that has given the club a solid footing.”

While the FAI and the National League committee look to return to active football, Hanley explained that no covid-19 directions have yet been communicated from the HSE.

“No and to be fair, this whole covid-19 pandemic is evovling everyday and there are changes coming everyday” explained Hanley.

“To create guidelines for what things might be like in seven weeks time is a very hard thing to do, we can plan for the worst and hope for the best, but it will probably fall somewhere in the middle of that.”

“We have the plans in place and we are prepared to go.”