Longford Chairman Call For Government To Assist GAA

Longford GAA chairman Albert Cooney has called on government funding to assist the GAA through Covid-19.

Cooney explained that GAA boards across the country have run into major financial implications due to the Covid-19 impact and says the government need to step in.

“All our streams of income are gone we have no income at the moment” declared Cooney, “It is the same in the clubs and there will be huge deficits in accounts presented by all county boards at the end of this year.”

“The GAA is a very unique organisation in the country and it is one of the positive things that will come out of covid is that people will realise the value of sport in their life’s but also the value of the GAA in the community.”

“For volunteers to be in this situation to try and raise money is not a very nice situation, we do need government support” explained Cooney.

“I call on every member when you meet every local councillor or politician, to put pressure on them to put pressure on government in turn to come up with some way of helping with funding.”

“I know GAA at headquarters level have been in touch with government, but we really need a huge cash boost for this year alone to try and get everyone over the line and keep our clubs running.”

Club championships can resume from July 31, however it is believed that GAA gate receipts will be heavily impacted as games will take place behind curtailed attendances.

GAA President John Horan previously stated that if no GAA activity occurred in the remainder of 2020 the association would run a loss of approximately €50m.