John Igoe gets ready to ‘Putt’ effort into pro golf career

It’s an exciting period for Longford golfer John Igoe as he embarks on pursuing a career as a professional golfer.

At 21 years of age John feels it’s the right time to give it a go and really dedicate his time to the sport he loves to play.

Golf is regarded as a glamour sport but making a career from it is far from a straight road which John discussed with Tony Ghee

“It’s a long tough road that you have to be fully focused on 100% focus on all attributes of your life”

The young Longford has shown plenty of potential that he has what it takes to play at the highest level but he also feels he has other attributions to go along with it

“I feel like I have a great temperament for the game of golf which is probably one of my strongest parts in my game”

“For me to be under pressure at any point in my game it’s always good to remain calm remain relaxed and just the situation happen naturally”

It was only when John was 13 that he took up the game which would be considered relatively late so a lot of catching up was needed for a player who would have had aspirations of playing professionally.

John explained how he found himself starting up in the game

“I use to be the typical teenager playing all sports, Hurling, Gaelic, hurling being the big one as I use to play county at underage level”

“My uncle actually introduced me to the game of pitch and putt in Ballinalee”

“Dad brought me to Longford golf club one evening when the pitch and putt was closed and I use to be friendly with Davy Byrne who use to work there and he got me introduced into lessons on Saturday and ever since I was just hooked onto the game of golf”

There are a number of qualifying tournaments coming up in America for John but in order to participate in these events John is organising a fund raiser to help him out

The fund raiser is coming up on Wednesday May the 3rd at the county Longford golf club.

“I decided to have a fund raising event for myself for America as it can be very expensive, always looking for sponsorship which can be difficult and it’s very hard to get your name out there as a young player starting off new”

Hopefully a big crowd can turn up to support one of Longford’s most exciting sports talent as he gets ready for these big qualifying tournaments.

To enter for John’s fund raiser you can do so by going on the county Longford golf club website or you can ring the pro shop on Longford.

Shannonside wishes John all the best with his fund raising event and looks forward to seeing his development of his golfing career.

To hear the full interview with between John and Tony you can do so by clicking on the audio below