Podcast: Liam Shanley Honoured by Leitrim Pool

Last Saturday night, Leitrim Pool honoured Liam Shanley for his long dedication to the association by unveiling the Liam Shanley perpetual cup.

The Liam Shanley Perpetual Cup will be presented to the winner of Leitrim Pool’s biggest competition of the year, the Leitrim Champion..

Liam was one of the co founders of the Leitrim Pool Association back in 1997 and ever since Liam has played a huge role in the running and organizing of the association.

Liam was manager of the Junior team for years bringing our Under 18s around the country to different competitions and ranking events. He would give up alot of his time to go practicing with the young lads in different venues from the pool hall, to club F to Dromahair.

Liam has played on the Leitrim Men’s team from 1997 -2011.

Liam was involved in the committee for a long time writing the club notes. Liam spoke to Kevin McDermott about the honour he received.