Opening Quarter Will Decide Leitrim’s Fate – Hyland

Leitrim boss Terry Hyland expects the first 10 or 15 minutes will determine the fate of their All-Ireland qualifier round meeting with Wicklow.

A Conor McGraynor point and a 69th minute Ryan O’Rourke goal sealed a four point Leitrim win National League win in Aughrim last February.

Hyland was quick to point to how tight the game had been admitting it will be very close game on Saturday afternoon.

“Those games are 50/50 when it comes to league matches, it was only a two point and it was only sorted out in the six, seven minutes of the game” explained Hyland.

“We would hope that playing at home in Pairc Sean would be a help to us and the home support should be a help to us and the lads can rise to occasion.”

“Wicklow are a physically tough team, they scored 1-10 against Kildare. I know Kildare can blow a little hot and cold.”

“But they put up a very good showing against a division two team who were looking to get back into division one” explained Hyland.

Expecting a tough encounter Hyland however is of the opinion that Leitrim can quickly recapture their league form and make a long run through the back door.

“We all hope that, in sport or in life, when the thing goes wrong against you, you hope it’s only a blimp and you can work around it” declared Hyland.

“We set up different against Roscommon then we did in the league and that kind of went against us when he conceded goals early on.”

“It’s on wards and upwards if we can get them right and tuned for Saturday evening, we can have a long summer.”