Mohill to appeal to Connacht Council

Mohill chairman Padraig McLaughlin has revealed that Mohill will appeal to the Connacht council the result of last week’s league game against Ballinamore Sean O’Heslin’s.

The 2018 Leitrim League and county champions were scheduled to play Ballinamore Sean O’Heslin’s on Saturday May 19, however the game is recorded as a walkover for Ballinamore.

“We were down to play Ballinamore last Saturday evening” McLaughlin told Shannonside FM. “We made it clear to the county board on numerous occasions with emails, that we could not fulfill the fixture due as it was because we were missing nine players being involved with the county team.”


“Eight players that are on the” senior “panel plus Keelan Canning who got injured playing with the county” explained McLaughlin, “plus we had two players transferred”

“That would leave us with two outfield players who were eligible to play along with the goalkeeper that were on last year’s league and championship team.”

“It left us in an impossible situation” explained McLaughlin, “Tthe CCC were told the same we left them numerous email and they didn’t get back to us.”

“The word is out there that we conceded the game, we never conceded the game, we just asked to get the game deferred.”

McLaughlin confirmed to Shannonside Sport that the club will now appeal the match decision to the Connacht council.

Hear the full interview form Padraig McLaughlin