Leitrim Team Named For Wicklow All-Ireland Qualifier

Terry Hyland has named his team for the Leitrim’s All-Ireland qualifier with Wicklow on Saturday afternoon.

There are no places for Jack Heslin and Fergal McTague with seven positional changes from the side which lost to Roscommon last month.

Paddy Maguire moves to the full-back line with Conor Reynolds moving from left corner-back to right half-back. Mark Plunkett move to centre half-back.


Oisin McCaffrey comes into centre-field with Sean McWeeney moving to centre half-forward and Pearce Dolan moving to full-forward.

Ryan O’Rourke starts at corner-forward.

Leitrim v Wicklow is Live on Saturday Sport from 2pm.

Leitrim team v Wicklow

  1. Cathal McCrann – Gortleitreach
  2. Paddy Maguire – Gleann an Chairthe/Cluainín
  3. Micheal McWeeney (C) – Naomh Muire Cill Tochairt
  4. Aidan Flynn – Gaeil Liatroma
  5. Conor Reynolds – Eanach Dubh
  6. Mark Plunkett – Achadh an Mhuilinn
  7. Raymond Mulvey – Naomh Muire Cill Tochairt
  8. Oisin McCaffrey – Seán Ó hEislin, Béal an Átha Móir
  9. Shane Moran – Seán Ó hEislin, Béal an Átha Móir
  10. Domhnaill Flynn – Maothail
  11. Sean McWeeney – Achadh na Síleann
  12. Shane Quinn – Maothail
  13. Evan Sweeney – Gleann an Chairthe/Cluainín
  14. Pearce Dolan – Achadh an Mhuilinn
  15. Ryan O Rourke – Naomh Caillin, Fíonach