Leitrim SFC Final: Five Things To Watch

The Connacht Gold Leitrim senior football final see’s Ballinamore Sean O’Heslin’s and Glencar Manor Hamilton on Sunday at 3pm.

The game is live on Shannonside’s Sunday Sport and looking ahead Dave Hooper picks five pre-match talking points.

  1. History calls loud

The 2019 Leitrim senior football final between two teams which have won 26 of the previous 112 editions.


Yet two decades have passed since Ballinamore Sean O’Heslin’s last appearance. Like Liverpool, Sean O’Heslin’s have found that success isn’t consistent and the counties most successful club are looking to bridge a near 30-year gap since a victory.

In the period since Ballinamore’s last appearance Glencar have lifted the Leitrim title six times, writing their own history.

History calls loud in sport and history is looking for a new chapter.

  1. Inexperience to flourish

There is one fact above all others. None of this Ballinamore team have county final experience.

The whole day will be something new and special for the whole team as they arise from their bed to their arrival in Pairc Sean, none of this team has played a senior county final previously.

Yet that may be a good thing for Dominic Corrigan’s men. In the championship so far they have played with a youthful wonder, in attack particular they show no fear.

Corrigan wants the hype of the club to carry his team forward and this could very well be the way to victory.

  1. Battle scars to define final

While Sean O’Heslin’s might be young and in-experienced, Glencar’s scars are there for all to see.

Two years ago Padraic Davis steered Mohill to a three point final victory at Glencar’s expense. 12 months later it was Ballinamore who got the better of Glencar in the quarter-finals.

The scars where just too visible in October 2018.

Scars once healed are the best of the motivators and the Glencar players won’t want to open old wounds on Sunday evening.

  1. The Throw-in Scrap

The two best teams and two of the biggest club’s but don’t expect any niceties. This will be a battle royal and for once the first throw-in will define the game’s opening passages.

Expect the first scrap before the referee throws the ball-in and expect the final not long before the final whistle.

  1. The Settled Final

Two juggernauts meet in the Pair Sean decider, but that doesn’t mean it will be close. Both these teams are ruthless they both know how to finish off a game.

Once blood is smelt, expect blood to be spilled. In the end it’s too close to call, but it won’t be close to call come 28 minutes of the county final second half.