John Horan Was Swung By Medical Advice

Leitrim GAA Chairman Enda Stenston believes medical advice swung John Horan’s decision for the GAA to begin a resumption of activity.

Horan told the Sunday Game on May 10th he couldn’t see Gaelic games returning while social distancing was a priority, however on Friday the GAA announced a return to action on July 31.

Stenston believes that medical advice offered to the GAA since his Sunday Game interview swung the door open for a return of Gaelic Games in 2020.

“We did have meetings and John Horan’s stance was discussed at the meetings. We were at the height of the pandemic at that stage” explained Stenston

“I think things accelerated in the meantime, things didn’t seem as dark as they had been at that time.”

“With the proper discussions from the health people, I think John Horan kind of relaxed his position a bit, it was kind of outlined where the safety aspect could come into this”.

“If people can still observe the proper social distancing, the washing of the hands, the disinfection of everything, I cannot see and I don’t think John Horan at this stage can see were an issue can arise.”

“I can still understand where John Horan was coming from in the middle of this pandemic, when death numbers were very high.”

“People didn’t want to be responsible for bringing that onto any family member in their club” added Stenson.

Stenston also outlined that no decision had been taken on what format any of the Leitrim championships would take in 2020, but expected a decision to be taken within a couple of days.

The Leitrim chairman also outlined that this Tuesday could be a red letter day for the 2020 championship, when GAA Chairman meet to review the formats and fixtures which are set to get underway from October 17.