Leitrim Convention Brings Up Many Talking Points


The Leitrim convention was held last night with lots to discuss about.

Here’s John Lynch with a report on the convention

Declan Bohan, Leitrim PRO spoke to John after the convention where he gave his thoughts on what happened and what was discussed.

One of the big issues for the county board heading into the convention was still not having a treasurer appointed. Since Brian Gordon’s reign ended it has proved to be a difficult task to find a replacement.

“Officers at club and county level are becoming increasingly more difficult to find”

Declan said with Leitrim being such a small county and competing at a low level it might have an impact on peoples decision to take the position but he hopes that is not the case.

When the board asked clubs to nominate members for the position the response was far from good with no nominations received.

“The clubs need to take a certain amount of ownership in this situation because the county board is the clubs affectively and we cannot be without a treasurer”

The words used by Declan as he hopes the clubs can help the county board out in searching for a new treasurer which they will hope to have appointed by February.

Some of the other big issues discussed where the revamp of a new championship structure and the decline of hurling in the county.

Hurling is one of the greatest sports in the world and most importantly a unique sport which belongs to Ireland.

With a low number of clubs playing in hurling at the moment for one of the clubs to stop playing would be a massive blow.

“For the last number of years we have had traditionally and going back quite a while we’ve always had 4 hurling clubs but when you lose one that’s 25%, so it is a concern”

There are a hand full of people promoting the game and Declan feels this needs to be addressed especially when these people decide they have done enough.

Hurling is a game that should be thriving in every county or at least doing well enough where the mention of the sport declining is none existent.