Podcast: Sports Capital Grants Needs Fine-Tuning

The department of sports, sports capital funding saw organisations in the Shannonside region benefit with funding of €1.7 million.

€778,000 euro was allocated to 40 organisations in Roscommon with 18 organisations in Leitrim receiving over €400,000. While 19 organisations in Longford received €515,000.

Of the 77 sports clubs and bodies receiving the funding, 35 where members of the GAA, more so pointing to the expertise in GAA club’s ability to apply for sporting grants.


Sunday Independent sports editor John Greene outlined in his column that the grants systems needed to be fine-tuned to target areas most in need of development.

While supportive of the sports capital grants systems, Greene explained to Shannonside Northern Sound Sports Editor Dave Hooper the need for some fine tuning.