Anfield May Host Liverpool Title Victory

Liverpool could yet secure the Premier League title with a fixture at Anfield.

Next month’s derby between Liverpool and Everton may be moved to a neutral venue as well as other fixtures where Jurgen Klopp’s side could win the league due to safety concerns.

But local Merseyside Police say they’re “ready to provide whatever policing is required” for Everton and the Reds’ remaining home games to go ahead as scheduled.

“Merseyside Police is ready to provide whatever policing is required of us in relation to games being played at our Premier League stadia once the season restarts,” the force said in a statement to the Liverpool Echo.

“In relation to crime and disorder we have no objections to any of the Everton or Liverpool home fixtures being played at their respective grounds.”

“We have a good working relationship with both clubs, and their fan groups, and are content that we can work together in advance of the restart of the season.”