Column: Championship day -a day to remember

Championship day- a day to savor.

The bravest side- fortune will favour.

The day starts with the car journey to the game.

We analyse the expected team-sheet name by name.

On arrival in town we eat a sandwich while sitting on the boot of the car.

We parked miles away- the walk to the ground, ‘well its going to be far’.

We’ll keep sipping the bottles of water to hydrate the next few hours.

A cap to aid from sun or a heavy rain coat to protect from showers.

En route to the ground we’ll buy a programme to keep us up to date.

Then the throw-in happens and we watch our fate.

Then Shout until our voices go hoarse.

Heap praise or criticism on manager, team and ref of course.

The final whistle goes and the game complete.

we’ll celebrate victory or dissect a defeat.

we’ll walk to the car and then homeward bound.

Talk of the game is the only sound.

Championship Sunday-a day to saviour.

Our hope for glory will never waver.