Padraic Davis Happy To See Games Behind Closed Doors

Longford boss Padraic Davis believes the GAA should return to games behind closed doors once it safe to do so.

Davis spoke in a wide ranging interview with Dave Hooper on Saturday Sport and admitted how he was missing live sport and the after match banter.

“I don’t understand the debate of completing the season behind closed doors” explains Davis, it’s great to have fans, but it’s about playing the game, be it at club level or All-Ireland level.”

“In sport in general whether it be soccer, rugby or gaa or whatever the best part of it is discussing the games with your friends.”

“You go to a local club match and on Monday morning you discuss with it a few friends or you go to an inter-county game in Croke Park or Pearse Park, you’ll spend Monday, Tuesday talking about it.”

“More so being involved as a manager, that’s the bit I enjoy about it.”

Listen to the full interview here