GAA’s Return Decision Above Sports Body

Anglo-Celt journalist Paul Fitzpatrick believes the decision for Gaelic Games return is out of the GAA’s hands.

Fitzpatrick spoke to Dave Hooper and believes that the decision on the sports return is now down to government.

“You were hearing positive sounds from the GAA, there was a possibility to a return to action in March” explained Fitzpatrick.

“Unfortunately it didn’t come to pass, I’m sure the politics at work behind the scenes. It’s hard to imagine how much of a shock the decision was to Croke Park.”

“They had the impression all along they could return to activity and then suddenly they had the rug pulled from under them and they were told they couldn’t return” added Fitzpatrick.

While the impact of no Gaelic Games for the opening four to five months of the year is being assed, Fitzpatrick, pointed to the impact on Handball which is a smaller branch of the GAA family.

“Smaller sports like handball will be hurt going 12 to 18 months without action for young hand-ballers, I’d imagine the GAA will be fine as it has such a strong tradition in the communities across the country.”

Listen to the full Interview here:

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