”There’s probably more germs on your dishcloth than your loo”

It’s probably a good time to start the Spring Clean – especially if these weather warnings ring true and we are snowed in for a few days.

But the question you need to ask yourself is – How filthy is your home and should you be cleaning more?

For instance – how often do you clean your TV remote? Well according to the experts it should be every day.. what about the shower curtain?


Well you should be cleaning that every two days and while we’re at it you should disinfect the loo every day..

What about that blue dish cloth sitting beside the tap in the kitchen sink? Given that the average cloth harbours around 4 billion germs – the advice is to clean it EVERY SINGLE DAY..

Oh there’s more – but we’re here to help if you want it – so we’ve invited Green cleaning ambassador Michelle Fallon along to studio to share her cleaning tips with us.

Take a listen here