RECIPE: Christmas Cookery with Gearóid Lynch & JF – Monday 3rd Dec 2018

The Christmas Cookery Corner was in full swing again today on the Joe Finnegan Show – you can listen back to the piece with Gearóid Lynch of The Olde Post Inn in Cavan by clicking below.

Chestnut & Wild cranberry stuffing

1 kg breadcrumbs
5 shallots finely chopped
½ lb Butter
300g precooked chestnuts
50g wild cranberry chutney
50g chopped fresh sage
½ bulb of Garlic
1lb sausage meat


Gently cook shallots, chestnuts, sage, and garlic, in butter until they become soft
When cool add bread crumbs, cranberry chutney and sausage meat
Mould into a lined terrine tin or loaf tin (lined with cling film)
Half fill a roasting dish or tray with water and pace the loaf tin in the dish, cover with cling film and bake in the oven for 1hour at 150oC