LISTEN: It’s time to march for Rural Ireland, who’s with Mick?

Mick in Roscommon says it’s time for Irish people to follow the French example and get the yellow vests out. He says he’s fed up of do-gooders advising everyone, especially politicians, on what they can and can’t say anymore, and on what they can and can’t do anymore.
Speaking on The Joe Finnegan Show this week, he called on people to contact Shannonside Northern Sound to say whether they would be interested in holding a mass gathering in Dublin over the disconnect between the government and rural Ireland. The unscientific text poll carried out on the show saw hundreds of people getting in touch to say they would march to Dublin with Mick who says it’s time Ireland “got up off our arses” in order to be heard.
Listen to a snippet of Mick here:

Or you can listen to Mick’s full interview with Joe Finnegan here: