LISTEN: Still no treatment for Rossie waiting on Vicky Phelan’s wonderdrug

Roscommon woman Tracey Brennan who is living with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer was promised access to the Vicky Phelan’s wonderdrug Pembrolizumab before Christmas.

However, there has been no progress on the matter with Health Minister Simon Harris’ office issuing a statement with little update on when patients will actually receive the treatment today.

Before Christmas, the Minister had said “The Minister for Health has now asked the Medicines Management Programme to ask what measures can be put in place to expand access to Pembro to all clinically suitable women with cervical cancer. This will be coupled with the move to HPV testing next year and the HPV vaccine for boys next year is part of a joined up effort to eradicate cervical cancer. The Minister expects to hear progress very shortly and will provide updates accordingly.”


And this morning, the Minister said: In relation to ensuring that all suitable women with cervical cancer can access Pembrolizumab, the Department and the HSE are finalising proposals on this and the process is expected to conclude within days.”

Roscommon woman Tracey Brennan spoke to The Joe Finnegan Show today, sharing her cautious welcome.