PODCAST: Williamstown auctioneer explains why there are so few vulture funds for agri lands

A Shannonside auctioneer has said vulture funds have had little impact buying up farmland in the Shannonside region.
This week the Irish Farmers Jounral, reveal that more than 28,000 acres of farmland countrywide is now in the hands of the funds.

However according to research carried out by The Farmer’s Journal there’s just 272 acres in 15 parcels controlled by vulture funds in this region. In Longford there’s 103 acres in 6 lots of land, in Roscommon it’s 87 acres in 5 lots and in Leitrim 82 acres in 4 parcels.
Williamstown auctioneer and IFA member Gerry Coffey says that although much of the land analysed nationally is classed as agricultural it’s not what he would consider core farm land.