PODCAST: From Cuba to Center Parcs – a lizard lazes around in Longford

While Center Parcs in Ballymahon has already proven very popular with guests from near and far, one much-unexpected visitor has made an appearance at the holiday village.

The site has been closed to visitors because of the Covid-19 pandemic for the past several weeks but maintenance work continues.

It’s understood that a bright green lizard from Cuba made his appearance in the park after a shipment of plants from Holland had been delivered recently.

Dublin Zoo was contacted about the exotic arrival and it’s since been identified as a Cuban knight anole which is likely to have travelled from its native country via a distribution centre in Holland.

Collie Ennis who’s a zoologist in Dublin is giving a home to the lizard who needs a special environment to survive.

He says the lizard wouldn’t have survived long if he hadn’t been spotted…