Ulster rugby player denies telling lies to cover up alleged rape

Ireland and Ulster rugby player Stuart Olding has denied telling lies to try and cover up an alleged rape.

He told a jury at Belfast Crown Court that what happened between him and a 19-year-old student was “completely consensual”.

Stuart Olding is accused of forcing the woman to perform oral sex on him.


She claims it happened in June 2016 at an afters party at the home of his friend and teammate Paddy Jackson in south Belfast.

Mr. Jackson is also accused of raping her and has pleaded NOT guilty to a further charge of sexual assault.

The woman claims she pleaded with Mr. Jackson when Mr. Olding walked in and said “Please no, not him as well”.

From the stand today, Mr. Olding told the jury she beckoned him to stay when he walked in and willingly performed oral sex on him.

During his cross-examination, the prosecuting barrister Toby Hedworth accused him of lying as part of their attempt to row each other out of this mess. He denied that was the case.

Mr. Hedworth suggested he and his friends engaged to cover up what happened on a drunk night, during which he and Paddy Jackson went way beyond what he knew was acceptable, to which he replied: “everything that happened was completely consensual”