Trial of TD accused of false imprisonment of Joan Burton opens

The trial has opened of Solidarity TD Paul Murphy and six others who are accused of falsely imprisoning the former Tánaiste Joan Burton.

They’re also accused of falsely imprisoning her adviser during a water charge protest at Jobstown in Dublin 24 in 2014.

Opening the case on behalf of the prosecution, Sean Gillane said the charges arose from events surrounding a graduation ceremony which Joan Burton attended as Tánaiste in Jobstown in Dublin on Nov 15th 2014.

He said a number of people followed her towards a local church where she was due to give a speech. He said there was a fair amount of shouting and things like water balloons and eggs were thrown at her.

While trying to leave the area, he said it will be alleged that the unmarked car Ms. Bruton and her adviser were moved to was surrounded and unable to move.

He said it will be alleged that the same thing happened when they were transferred to a Garda jeep and that they were effectively “trapped” for several hours.

He said they were only able to leave after making a run for two other Garda vehicles.

The seven accused, which includes Solidarity TD Paul Murphy and two Solidarity Councillors, deny two charges of false imprisonment.