Senior Fine Gael Ministers criticize Maria Bailey after ‘swing’ interview

Health Minister Simon Harris says Maria Bailey’s interview about her personal injuries claim was “unfortunate and regrettable”.

He said his party colleague’s tone was one of blaming everyone else.

Controversy has surrounded Fine Gael TD Maria Bailey after she tried to sue a Dublin hotel after she fell off a swing on the premises.

Ms Bailey dropped the claim – but did an extensive radio interview defending herself this morning.

Health Minister Simon Harris thinks it struck the wrong tone.

Sources say Ms Bailey didn’t talk to anyone in Fine Gael HQ about her plans to give the interview this morning.

Many Fine Gaelers are feeling a backlash claiming hypocrisy as they try to combat insurance compensation culture.

This certainly hasn’t helped that – with one Fine Gael source saying it’s the greatest act of political self-harm since Brexit.

Attention has now turned to how she’ll be sanctioned in the party.

Some saying she may lose her role as Chair of the Oireachtas Housing Committee – and speculation she may even be booted out of Fine Gael.