New laws proposed to allow workers “right to disconnect”

The government says it’s looking at new laws that could give workers the “right to disconnect”.

A new report has found a quarter of employees are asked to answer calls or emails outside of office hours.

s Michelle O’Sullivan from the University of Limerick, which has carried out research among 2 thousand workers in the financial services and tech sectors.

Among the findings are that just 7 per cent of employees think their boss has done enough to stop the overuse of technology for work.

It’s led to calls from the Financial Services Union for a new law to give people the “right to disconnect”.

Business Minister Heather Humphreys says her officials are considering what approach to take:

We asked these people in Dublin what they think of the idea:

Some companies have already introduced policies in this area.

The report from UL says every employer should be forced not to abuse people’s contracted working hours.