Sorting of votes underway around the country

Votes are being sorted in the local and European elections.

Ballot boxes opened in the last hour but it will be a while yet before we have full tallies and counts.

The latest figures from the Red C exit poll shows the Green Wave is being led in Dublin.

It suggests the Green Party will get 18 per cent in Dublin making it the largest party there with Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil trailing on 15 and 14 per cent.

A different story in the rest of the country where the two main parties are polling in the mid to high 20s in the locals with the Greens in single digits.

Sinn Féin meanwhile is drawing support of between 11 and 16 per cent.

In the Europeans meanwhile, it looks like three Green candidates could well be elected.

While sitting MEPs Lynn Boylan, Luke Ming Flanagan and Deirdre Clune are all in scraps to keep their seats in their respective constituencies.

Proper counting hasn’t even begun yet and there’s a large margin of error in the exit poll so everything still comes with a slight health warning.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has been reacting to the party’s predicted success at both European and local level.

Pressed on the party entering any coalition government again in the future, he says all options will be considered because of the scale of the ‘green issue’.

While, Health Minister Simon Harris says he’s optimistic the party will take 4 or 5 seats in the European elections: