Pressure mounts on government to extend children’s inquiries

BarnardosThe head of children’s charity Barnardos claims it would be a ‘disgrace’ if the state inquiry into the Grace case doesn’t look at other children in the same foster home.

Fergus Finlay claims the inquiry’s terms of reference, which will be signed off by Cabinet this morning, could form a template for all future abuse investigations.

Researchers will be given a year to examine the foster home in the south east where Grace was reportedly sexually abused.

They’ll be expected to publish an interim report in six months but it’s still unclear how far their investigations can go.

Meanwhile, the Children’s Minister is to brief her cabinet colleagues with the latest developments in relation to Ireland’s mother and baby homes.

Katherine Zappone will update ministers on events since the public disclosure about childrens’ remains at a Tuam home last week.

According to The Irish Times, the government’s considering expanding the scope of the mother and baby homes inquiry in light of what’s emerged.