Tribunal hears social worker unaware of two names in Mc Cabe file

The Disclosures Tribunal has heard that a social worker did not notice that there were two different names in a file on the allegations of abuse against Sergeant Maurice McCabe.

It’s the fourth day of witness testimony in the tribunal which is focusing on whether there was a campaign to discredit the whistleblower.


In 2006 an allegation of inappropriate touching was made against Sergeant Maurice McCabe which the DPP eventually decided not to pursue.

But when the allegations resurfaced in 2014, the alleged abuse was recorded as a much more serious incident, involving digital penetration.

Laura Brophy, a counsellor with Rian counselling, earlier told the Tribunal that she had erroneously cut and paste the details of another, more serious allegation of abuse, that had nothing to do with Maurice McCabe.

This afternoon social worker Laura Connolly, who reported the allegation of retrospective abuse to gardai for the second time, told the Tribunal she must not have noticed that there were two names – referred to in evidence as Ms D and Ms Y – in the file she was given.

Ms Connolly said she could only say that it was an oversight, and that she had made an error, saying the two surnames were somewhat similar.

The Tribunal has adjourned for the week, and will resume on Monday.