South Westmeath Hospice Group says there’s no question of service closing

The South Westmeath Hospice has issued a statement to allay concerns about its future following rumours over the weekend that the service or unit would be closing.

The group is seeking to reassure people, and says rumours of closure are irresponsible and cause unnecessary stress.



In its statement issued this morning that group says that the Hospice Committee has been invited to a meeting at the end of August with the HSE in relation to the future of St Vincent’s Hospital and the realignment of the hospice beds.

It says the group is aware that a planning application has been submitted by the HSE to build a new 50 bed state of the art care centre at the location of the Clonbrusk Primary Care Centre.

It’s the committees understanding that the HSE will propose to move the hospice facility to this site.

The statement says there’s no question of the service or unit closing, and the HSE has assured the committee that they will be fully consulted about the needs of the unit and that the provision of hospice beds and services are met, and the Hospice Committee will accept nothing less.

It also goes on to say that any scaremongering about the hospice closing, for whatever motivation, is irresponsible and causes unnecessary stress.

The statement says the public will be kept informed with factual information as it unfolds, and another statement will be issued when the Hospice group has met with the HSE at the end of this month.