‘Ringforts getting precedence over houses in N55 upgrade’

A resident living along the N55 between Ballymahon and Athlone says he’s concerned ringforts may be given more priority than houses when it comes to choosing a route for a new road.

The comment came as local home and landowners expressed their concerns at a public consultation held in Tubberclaire Community Centre yesterday.



Yesterday’s consultation at the community centre was held in order for Westmeath County Council to get feedback from the public on the idea of a whole new road crossing the Longford-Westmeath border between Ballymahon and Athlone.

A large number of people attended the centre during the course of the afternoon to find out whether their lands or homes may be impacted by any proposed route.

However, many said they were still left feeling none the wiser after viewing maps and talking to some officials from the council.

Local resident Alan Keegan says he’s not confident if people will be the main priority in this process.


Sharon McCormack, meanwhile, who’s also from the Kilkenny West area, says her family is naturally concerned about the impact the new road could have on their lives, although she does acknowledge the dangers of the present route.


Eddie Farrell whose home is on the side of the N55 says he has no problems with whatever is planned and will welcome the improvements.