Retired AIT lecturer says we don’t need “Rolls Royce” broadband

A retired lecturer at Athlone IT says he believes we don’t need the “Rolls Royce” broadband option that is being proposed by the government, and could do just as well with a “Ford Fiesta” version.

Paul Mulvey, who was a lecturer in the Department of Electronics, Computer and Software Engineering, says also that the current ESB infrastructure would be by far the best option to roll out broadband across the country.

He says the ESB poles are essentially a mini-mast with power and potentially a fibre link to the greater internet.


The former AIT lecturer says the vast majority of people don’t need the very high speeds talked about as part of the rollout of broadband and it won’t be any significant benefit to them.

Speaking on the Joe Finnegan show this morning, Mr Mulvey likened it to travelling in different makes of car along the same motorway.