Planning refused for multimillion-euro whiskey facility at Moyvore

Westmeath County Council has refused permission for a multimillion-euro whiskey-storage facility to be developed at Moyvore, near Ballymahon.

In a decision released this afternoon, it says the development lacks architectural merit and design and contravenes the county development plan.

Vault Storage wants to develop a €138-million whiskey-storage facility at Moyvore, near the Longford-Westmeath border.


Last July, it submitted a planning application for phase 1 of the project, costing €38 million, which includes 12 maturation warehouses and a whiskey-filing hall.

But the council says the proposed development is located at a visually prominent rural location and lacks both architectural merit and design.

It says it reflects a large-scale industrial development, at odds with the area.

The council claims the development would result in an ad-hoc unintegrated and unsustainable form of development and would contravene the Westmeath County Development Plan 2014-2020.

It also claims the facility would have an overbearing impact on houses in the area and would devalue them.

Therefore, it has refused permission, but the decision call be appealed against to An Bord Pleanála.