OPW discover coins, muskets balls and buckles in excavation work for new Athlone Garda barracks

The OPW has revealed a number of historical objects from the 17th century have been revealed as part of excavations at the new Athlone Garda barracks.

The discoveries were made at Barrack Street, which archaeologists believe are linked to the stationing of solders at Custume, or as it was formerly known, Victoria Barracks in the 1690s.

Items uncovered range from coins to musket balls, to a thimble and a hair comb, and fragments of clay pipes and glassware as well as military buttons, uniform buckles, and animal bones.

Objects also linked to cock-fighting were also discovered as well as hair curling equipment.

A talk on the findings is due to take place in August in Athlone Castle as part of Heritage Week events.