Nurse at Athlone IT says STI services must be prioritised

A nurse at Athlone IT is expressing dismay at the closure of the sexual health clinic at Mullingar hospital due to regulations on where it is located.

The HSE says the hospital management team is working to find another area for the clinic, but Laura Tully from Athlone IT says the clinic must be given more priority.

Laura operates the Nurse and Health Centre at Athlone IT which caters for up to 6,000 students.


Speaking on Let’s Talk today, she says a huge hole now exists in the midlands area with regard to sexual health services.

Laura Tully says she and others have been campaigning for a clinic in Athone to deal with the large volume of vulnerable students, but in recent months they’ve instead seen a major deterioration.

She says the STI clinic at Portiuncula has been closed since last September and the Mullingar closure has now compounded the problem.