Moyvore distillery plans hit by major setback

The developer of the multimillion-euro distillery planned for Moyvore claims there’s no other site in all of Longford or Westmeath suitable for the development.

Vault Storage came to that conclusion after carrying out a full assessment of all existing zoned lands in the two counties, at the request of Westmeath County Council.

Vault Storage plans developing a €137-million distillery at Moyvore and it submitted an planning application for phase 1 of the project, costing €38 million, in July.


This includes 12 maturation warehouses and a whiskey-filing hall.

The council was due to make a decision last month, but requested further information from the developer.

It wanted it to assess the feasibility of locating the development on lands zoned for enterprise and employment in one of the Westmeath’s main town.

In further information lodged with the council, Vault Storage says it has now carried out that assessment, not only in Westmeath but also Longford.

It says that because of the unique siting requirements of a warehouse development, with 12 hectares needed, none of the existing zoned lands is suitable.

In Westmeath, it says there was one viable zoned site that was big enough – in Athlone – but this wasn’t deemed appropriate because it’s currently zoned for strategic gateway, which emphasises intensive employment uses and the expansion of Athlone town.

In Longford, only one viable site, located in Edgeworthstown, was deemed suitable initially, but this too was discounted because it’s zoned as strategic industrial reserve.

Vault Storage claims a new whiskey maturation facility wouldn’t be compatible with that zoning objective.

Having received the further information, the council says it intends making a decision on the application by February 6th.