Jadotville veterans to receive special medals at Custume Barracks ceremony

Veterans of the Jadotville siege in the Congo in 1961 will gather with their families at Custume Barracks in Athlone tomorrow for a special medal ceremony.

The presentation of the medals is the culmination of a long campaign to honour the men of A Company in the 35th Infantry Battalion who defended a UN outpost for five days in the face of assault from up to 5,000 mercenaries.

The Irish company was originally made up of 158 soldiers but many have died since the event and got no official recognition of any kind from the state.


Defence Minister Paul Kehoe says he’s very happy to finally be able to present the medals to the veterans and their families…

A 40 minute interview with a survivor of the Siege, as well as relatives of two other men was broadcast on The Joe Finnegan Show last Monday.

Longford soldier Michael Tighe joined us in studio to give his first hand account of what happened – he was joined by Kevin Regan – whose brother Danny Boy Regan was also on the battle lines – and Danny Tiernan – the son of Sergeant George Tiernan.

You can listen to it here