IWT condemns call by Athlone councillor to de-list pine marten as protected species

The Irish Wildlife Trust has condemned the call by Athlone Municipal District Council to de-list the pine marten as a protected species.

The Trust says that having been nearly been wiped out during the 20th century, its return to nearly every county in Ireland is one of our great conservation success stories.

The Trust which was set up in 1979 as a charitable conservation body, says that the success should be celebrated, and there is currently no good reason to remove protection for the Pine Marten.

Padraic Fogarty is Campaigns Officer for the wildlife trust…


Councillor Tom Farrell who put forward the motion at Athlone MD after a pine marten went into a sitting room at his home which his grand children were playing in , says the current regulations on getting a licence to trap a pine marten if they’re causing problems isn’t working and something else is needed…