Fianna Fáil slammed over one-candidate strategy in Westmeath

An Athlone Fianna Fáil councillor believes the party may have made a mistake by not selecting a third candidate to run for the party in the next general election.

Robert Troy was last night confirmed as the party’s sole candidate for Westmeath in the next election, with Joe Flaherty having previously secured his place on the ballot paper for Longford.

Councillor Frankie Keena had been nominated to contest the convention, but last night’s meeting in Mullingar was told the party was pursuing a one-candidate-per-county strategy and he subsequently withdraw from the contest.


In his speech following his withdrawal, Councillor Keena urged the party to review their decision to run just two candidates and to re-consider not providing a party candidate in the Athlone area.

He described the decision as ‘disgraceful’.