Athlone mayor says frequent water outages is “urgent” situation

The Mayor of Athlone is calling the frequent water outages in Athlone an “urgent” situation.

Mayor Frankie Keena, alongside Minister Kevin Boxer Moran, attended a meeting with Irish Water representatives on Wednesday afternoon to outline the concerns of those living in the region.

According to Irish Water, four planned outages had to take place recently because of cleaning in Annagh Reservoir. It was said to be a “major problem” that had to be addressed. There was also a recent instance of a burst water mains.

A temporary solution is said to be in progress, but it will reportedly take between 4 and 6 months. A more permanent solution would involve a full upgrade of the water treatment plant in Athlone, which could take several years.

In the meantime, Irish Water is encouraging people to conserve water in any way they can, including checking leaks and taking showers instead of baths.

Mayor Keena says demand is way ahead of supply and in his eyes it isn’t good enough: