Athlone garda said he was a sitting duck when giving evidence at Disclosures Tribunal

Garda Nicholas Keogh who was stationed in Athlone Garda station was the first to give evidence when the Disclosures Tribunal resumed at Dublin Castle today.

It has heard that Garda Keogh felt like a “sitting duck” after making a protected disclosure about alleged wrong doing in the force.

Garda Keogh made a protected disclosure in 2014 about the Drugs Unit in Athlone Garda Station, and alleged interaction with a “Garda A” and a woman “Miss B”, who Garda Keogh alleged in a Pulse entry was involved in drug dealing and had a weekly “turnover of approximately €2,500”.

Garda Keogh claims he’s been targeted since making the disclosure and was a “sitting duck”.

The tribunal is solely focusing on 22 issues contained in his complaint to it.

It heard he alleges he was under “micro supervision” by three Sergeants, his travel expenses were delayed, and he was confined to desk duty.

In a statement to the Tribunal, Garda Keogh claimed then Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan contacted the District Officer in Athlone about him in April 2015.

Whether the tribunal will examine this allegation, which Nóirín O’Sullivan told it is “completely untrue and without foundation”, will be decided on Wednesday.