Athlone Councillor Paul Hogan quits Sinn Fein

Athlone Municipal District Councillor Paul Hogan has quit Sinn Fein this afternoon, alleging that the party has “isolated and ostracised” him since October 2015.

The Councillor has issued a lengthy statement claiming that he is rescinding from the party with a heavy heart, having been a member for the last twenty years.

Councillor Hogan has previously alleged that he was subject to bullying and intimidation from party members in the Shannonside region, which Sinn Fein party has denied.


Today he has claimed that since October 2015 the party has allegedly engaged in a smear campaign against him after a relationship break-up.

He also claims that the President of Sinn Fein, refused to invite him or members of his Cumann to meet with her during a recent visit to Athlone.

Hogan was first elected to the local council in Athlone in 2004 and only narrowly missed out on a Dáil seat in the general election campaign of 2016.