A woman living in Elphin has been remanded on bail over charges of fraud

A woman living in Roscommon has pleaded guilty to a number of fraud offences committed over three years ago.

Syeda Mukhtar, with an address on main Street Elphin, pleaded guilty to six counts of using a false instrument in induce someone else to believe it was genuine.

Among the offences include the use of false insurance form, a false bank statement, and two false pay-pal statements – including one allegedly for a camera worth over £3,000 and a Monaco wool mohair suit worth over £2,000

Judge Francis Comerford hard the offences occurred on dates unknown between the 10th of January 2017 and the second of February 2017.

The court heard there had been effectively no loss of revenue and the accused had no previous convictions

She was remanded on bail to appear in court again for sentencing in November.