Ward, Mullins and Cummins topping the tallies in Roscommon

Things are progressing in the Hyde Centre in Roscommon in both the Athlone and Roscommon electoral areas with over half of the boxes tallied so far and some clear tally toppers emerging.

In the Athlone area, previous poll topper, Tony Ward looks set to put in a repeat performance.

He’s just 150 votes short of the quota last time out, with 1238 votes. He has a 20 per cent share of the vote.


John Naughten will also surely take a seat with 934 votes and a 15 per cent share of the vote. Cllr Ivan Connaughton is also likely to retain his seat with a 15 per cent share of the vote, 922 votes.

John Keogh has a tally of 934 and his Fianna Fail colleague Malachy Hand has taken 478 votes of the boxes opened.

They have 11% and 7% share of the vote so far. Son of former Councillor Paddy Kilduff has a tally of 556, a 9% vote share so far, with Laurence Fallon on 387 and a 6% tally.

In the Roscommon area, 12 of the 22 boxes are opened and tallied. Paschal Fitzmaurice is just a few hundred votes shy of the last quota with 1,196 in this tally – this is with no Castlerea boxes opened as yet which will be sure to bring him over the top.

Tony Waldron is coming in strong with 1,006 of a tally, and 16% of the votes tallied. Sitting councillors Kathleen Shanagher and Orla Leyden are also taking a share of the tally with 916 votes for Shanagher (16%) and 656 or 10% for Leyden.

Fianna Fail’s third candidate Marty McDermott is tallying well with 617 votes from these boxes and Cllr Nigel Dineen has a tally of 588 or 9%. The only Fine Gael candidate Gerry Coffey has a tally of 441 so far and a 7% share.

Only a third of the Boyle area boxes are tallied at this stage. Councillor Michael Mulligan and John Cummins are very likely to retain their seats even at this stage with 859 votes for Mulligan (21%) and 817 for Cummins.

Next, its 397 for Valerie Byrne with just one Elphin box opened. Liam Callaghan has 320 of the tally, Aidan Sampey has 352, Saj Hussain on 324 and Tom Crosby has 270 in the tally. Sitting Cllr Joe Murphy is on 123 votes but no Strokestown boxes have been tallied so far and that is definitely likely to increase his share.